Engineering  &  control of buildings
                  Experience and multi-field approach in the various fields of
                  Construction and Technical Inspections

Foundations and Structures out of Reinforced Concrete and Metal frame. Calculation and checking of structures in general. Transformation of the nonantiseismic buildings into paraseismic ones. Stability and durability of constructions. Constructions Expertises & Diagnoses. Pathologies & Reinforcements of buildings, Tests & Technical Inspections, foundations ground works & driveways and various other services (Various Roadway systems and Networks), Technical Batches, Establishment of Projects. Any Trade (TCE) & Follow up Works.



      Siège : 5, rue des Mésanges angle Bd. Abderrahim Bouabid (Ex Bd. Jerrada) Oasis. Casablanca 20410 (Maroc)
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